Human Resources Training, LLC

Who Are We?Human Resources Training LLC Mesa AZ

Human Resources Training LLC is a provider of professional development courses for the Human Resources industry.  After observing the increasing costs in academia, without reasonable justification, we decided to create an occupational educational resource for HR.   The cost of tuition for our courses is clear and upfront.  For people not wanting to enroll in paid courses, we provide free webinar tips and blog postings.  These are packed full of actionable information.

Why Human Resources

Many people desire a career in Human Resources (HR).  It is a fast-growing field with many amazing opportunities.  The median annual income for HR is above the national average for all jobs.  The HR field allows a person to begin with an entry-level position and work their way up… if desired.

People working in this industry use soft skills combined with procedural know-how. This helps their organization meet its’ goals – as well as helping the staff experience a fulfilling career.

Whether you’re thinking about applying for an HR Assistant position or preparing for a promotion within an HR department that you already work in… our courses can help elevate you above the competition.

Employee Discipline HR Online Certificate

Benefits Of Earning Certificates

Primarily: To enhance your actionable knowledge, industry vocabulary, industry resource locations, and improve your resume/cv.  Demonstrate to your prospective employers that you invest your spare time and extra money in professional development.

Millions of people in the United States hold a professional certification.  The human resources field makes up a huge portion of those.  Professional certifications can signal proficiency in fast-changing fields like project management, software development, financial analysis, and obviously HR.

Our certificates can serve as alternative forms of educational attainment, demonstrating a level of skill or knowledge needed to perform a specific type of job.

Being that we aren’t an academic entity or license issuer, we have no connection to federal, state, or local government agencies. This allows us to skip the fluff and focus on job-related skills & knowledge – while saving our students a lot of money.